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Synathlon, Unil Campus
Lausanne, Switzerland

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Master of Advanced Studies in Sport Administration and Technology (MSA) - Campus

The AISTS programme is a unique 15 months international postgraduate programme in sports management, endorsed by the International Olympic Committee, and located in Lausanne, Switzerland.

The AISTS degree is a Master of Advanced Studies (MAS). MAS programmes target meeting the needs of working professionals and as such fall in the category of continuing education or professional development.

The AISTS degree's full denomination is Master of Advanced Studies in Sport Administration and Technology.

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Essar Gabriel (General Secretary, IAAF)
Our experience with the AISTS MAS participants at the IAAF World Athletics Forum in 2013 was very positive and was an illustration of the sport administration skills and capacity that are fostered and encouraged through their AISTS programme.
Antony Scanlon (Executive Director, International Golf Federation (IGF))
When the federation’s headquarters moved to Lausanne, Switzerland, and the IGF Board was formed, it was very helpful for us to have the AISTS MAS programme close by, as we found in the class that year, the person we needed exactly at that moment. Thank you for providing the International Golf Federation with such professional sports individuals.
Fredi Schmid (Director General, International Skating Union (ISU))
The AISTS MSA is unique in that it is the only academy to be a part of the tight circle of international sports federations based in Lausanne. I do not think there is a better way of understanding what we, the federations, want or need, than by attending the same meetings, and meeting on a regular basis.
Tom Dielen (Secretary General, World Archery)
Having a pool of professionals like the AISTS MAS participants, with different fields of expertise and who all share an understanding of the mechanics of the sports industry, is a huge asset for us. What’s more is that these individuals are all passionate about what they do.
Cornelius Marculescu (Executive Director, FINA)
I believe the strength of the programme is that it provides an in-depth and practical understanding of the challenges faced by the international governing bodies of sports nowadays. I have noticed over the years that the AISTS MAS class reflects very well our staff, in that it is a very diverse and multinational group. That is probably the best training you can get for what awaits you in the world of sports federations
Jean-Marie Ayer (Secretary General, World Taekwondo Federation (WTF))
The AISTS MAS is the only programme to my knowledge, that is also continuously evolving and changing, in an effort to match the sport industry’s needs. The programme brings forward some exceptionally bright professionals every year, and prepares them for the reality of the sports industry.
Eric Saintrond (Secretary General & CEO, International University Sports Federation (FISU))
The AISTS has supported FISU in several ways over the past few years. The AISTS MAS participants carried out two projects for FISU that have provided new and innovative ideas, and a number of our staff have attended AISTS Open Modules and the AISTS SEMOS. Both provide valuable insights and a solid foundation and are essential to understanding the real work done in the organisation of sport events. As the leading organisation for international university sports, FISU considers the AISTS as an excellent educational partner.
Shiny Fang (Secretary General & CEO, International Union of Modern Pentathlon (UIPM))
Since my first visit to AISTS in July of 2013, UIPM has started and continued to have different AISTS MAS interns at our headquarters in Monaco; each of them with excellent experience and all keen to do and to learn. We have established full confidence in the AISTS, and continue to work with AISTS MAS participants through work placements and Team Projects. Collaborating with a group of enthusiastic and bright future sport leaders on the recent Team Project is exactly what UIPM needed to face the reality of our sport and to further think about the action plans for the future.
Mario Azevedo Executive Commercial Director FIVB (International Volleyball Federation) 2009
Ben Cohen Director ITA (International Testing Authority) 2008
Anne Gripper CEO Cycling Australia 2006
Richard Heath Secretary General European Golf Association (EGA) 2005

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