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Whether youíre seeking a program in Sports Management, Sports and Health Sciences, or another discipline, AMU offers the relevant programs and courses for todayís job market.

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American Military†University is part of American Public University System (APUS), which is regionally accredited by the Higher Learning Commission of the North Central Association of Colleges and Schools and is nationally accredited by the Accrediting Commission of the Distance Education and Training Council. APUS has been acknowledged by the prestigious Sloan Consortium as a Ralph E. Gormory Award recipient for Quality Online Education.

Why Choose AMU?

The AMU curriculum includes more than 1,500 courses and more than 70 undergraduate and graduate degree programs. Whether youíre seeking a program in Sports Management, Sports and Health Sciences, or another discipline, AMU offers the relevant programs and courses for todayís job market. Just a few of the ways we stay current on industry needs: the majority of our faculty are currently working in the fields they are teaching in; we partner with industry organizations such as the National Strength and Conditioning Association and American Sport Education Program (ASEP); and we rely on Industry Advisory Councils made up of corporate members who review our curriculum to ensure its relevance to the skills needed in their industries.

Despite significant rate hikes commonly found throughout the industry, AMU has maintained modest tuition levels for our undergraduate and graduate courses. This, while maintaining a commitment to continuous quality assessment of our academic programs and providing the best distance learning environment possible to our students.

In fact, AMU has established a book grant so that all of our undergraduate students earning academic credit are provided with textbooks, e-books, journals, and other publications at no cost to the student. If textbooks are required, they will be shipped to the student each semester directly -- at no additional cost, regardless of where they are located. This represents a huge savings for our students, since typical course material costs at any school can cost several thousand dollars over the studentís enrollment. The grant is available to all undergraduate students who are seeking academic credit for their courses, and is applicable throughout a student's enrollment in the undergraduate program.

AMU also offers student federal aid, which will add alternative financial resources for many students.

Working a shift schedule? Overloaded with personal and professional commitments? Traveling all the time? No problem. AMU goes with you wherever you go. All of the courses are delivered over the Internet. The asynchronous course delivery means no specific login times are required. Simply log on and download your assignments when itís convenient for you during the week.

At AMU, you can progress through your degree path faster. First, courses start monthly, because we know your personal commitments donít always align with a traditional semester schedule. Second, we offer 8- and 16-week sessions for many classes, so you have the option to take more intense, 8-week courses when time permits. Finally, you wonít have to worry that a course you sign up for will be dropped at the last minute due to low enrollment.

Our faculty combines relevant theory with real-world experience. Their academic credentials include such institutions as the University of Chicago, University of Notre Dame, Stanford University, Cambridge University, and Harvard University.

M.S. in Sports Management - Online
Concentrations: Sports Administration, and Coaching Theory and Strategy This degree is designed for those who are interested in sports management, coaching, and administration. The core curriculum includes the social contexts of sport in historical and modern society, fundamentals of the sports industry, and specifically focuses on sports law, marketing, promotion, public relations, finance, and economics. Students are provided with an opportunity to concentrate in an area of specific interest, to include sports administration for the aspiring collegiate, community, or high school athletic administrator; coaching theory and strategy for those interested in leading and coaching teams; management for those interested in general sports business and front office opportunities.

M.S. in Sports and Health Sciences - Online

The Master of Science in Sports and Health Sciences focuses on the study of physical, physiological, psychological and functional adaptations to humans. Students develop an understanding of how to design effective movement programs for varied populations to reach athletics, fitness, and general health goals. Students will also learn to critically think and apply their knowledge as it relates to human bioenergetics, nutrition, movement and learning. These students will gain a greater understanding of the scientific principles needed to optimize sports performance and improve functionality and quality of life in humans.

B.S. in Sports and Health Sciences - Online

Concentrations: Exercise Science, Coaching Studies, and Sports Management The Sports and Health Sciences degree is a study of the human, physical, psychological, and related issues concerning sports, recreation, health, and wellness. Students study a core of issues central to this growing field and also have the opportunity to concentrate in specific areas of sports and health interest, to include: athletic performance, coaching, sports management, and pre-sports medicine. This degree is applicable in the various sports and health professions, and it is also a foundation degree for general purposes and further academic interests in a variety of areas.

Graduate Certificate in Athletic Administration - Online

The Athletic Administration Certificate provides an academic background for individuals pursuing careers as intercollegiate or interscholastic athletic directors, recreation directors, and sport & fitness related business owners. Courses in the Athletic Administration Certificate examine the aspects of leadership, planning, organization, marketing, budgeting, fundraising, and communication in relation to managing athletic programs in the administrator role.

Graduate Certificate in Sports Management - Online

American Military University offers an online Sports Management Graduate Certificate providing the fundamental background for pursuing various positions within the sports industry. Settings for this industry include sports marketing agencies, intercollegiate athletics, professional sport franchises, recreational services, and health and fitness facilities. Courses in the certificate program allow students to study the nature and scope of the sports industry, unique aspects of sports management, and preparation for managing sport in the 21st-Century.

B.S. in Sport Management - Online
The University designed the Bachelor of Science in Sports Management to prepare coaches, athletes, front-office management and other professionals interested in the global sports industry. This interdisciplinary degree applies key management, leadership, marketing, and administration-based competencies use today in amateur, collegiate, and professional sports organizations. Students learn to analyze, evaluate, and synthesize core issues central to sports finance, marketing, sociology, and ethics.
Students pursue these career-relevant objectives:
  • Apply management principles, concepts, and practices associated with the operations and maintenance of sports and recreation facilities
  • Develop decision-making skills related to the sports manager, including legal considerations and financial management of sports organizations and their facilities
  • Analyze and create engaging marketing strategies that are implementable in the industry
  • Examine ethical practices, procedures, and decision-making models facing the sports manager
  • Survey important sociological, historical, political, and philosophical aspects of sport
Classes are taught by experienced sports instructor-practitioners and the curriculum is designed in consultation with sports industry advisory council to keep pace with industry best practices. Many students, alumni, and instructors are actively involved in affiliated organizations such as the Sports & Health Sciences and Sports Management online community, Society of Human Resource Management, Golden Key International Honour Society, and more.

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